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Published: 16th November 2005
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Read the story of Mark in his own words.

Well, I met this Korean Girl may be a year ago at a party in New Jersey where there were a lot of students from New York University.

A friend at work told me about her because I was talking about how I would like to meet a Korean girl for friendship and possibly to learn a little Korean.

So my friend arranged for her to call me, and she called me that night. I was very surprised when she did. I had this concept that Korean girls were shy and hard to approach.

So not knowing what I was in for I headed over to meet her. I came to the door and knocked and she answered. She was a true picture of feminine beauty. None that I have ever seen in my whole life. I was immediately smitten.

I came in and sat next to her and we talked. Her English was very good and she seemed very open minded to my conversation. We went out that night and all went well.

I feel very comfortable with her but I could see that she was very excited by my presence and so was I. We talked, we laughed and got along very well.

We walked to the bus stop and I asked her, "Have you ever kissed an American man before?" She replied that she has never kissed any man in her life.

I was shocked! I said, "You mean you never had a boyfriend?" She told me that she had a Korean boyfriend but he was too shy for her and she never really was the type of girl that really went after guys.

It seems that she was kind of a loner that was too absorbed in school and work. We kissed and that night we went back to her house and we made love.

At this point we fell immediately in love. My concept of Korean girls changed that night. I am shortly heading over to Seoul to pursue her parents.

I guess I am lucky because some guys tell me horror stories of being with Korean girls and falling in love and then the girl disappears from sight never to be seen again, particularly once she graduates.

My best advice if you wish to be with a Korean girl is to play it by ear and not expect to jump their bones. Not all Korean girls are as wild as some people say. It is up to them if they wish to continue being with you.

I have never been to Korea before or any foreign country for that matter and I know I have a lot to find out about Korea, in particular. That is why I'm actually going to this girl's home to stay for a month.

So I should consider myself very lucky to set foot in a Korean home to stay. All I can say is that it's like a game of dice; sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But when you want to pursue your dream girl, you got to do your best.

There is no culture in the world that will not respect a man who will do everything possible for his girl.

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